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Personal info

My résumé.


Check out my looooong list of publications.

Haundrix Chess

If you like chess, check this out!


A code for the calculation of statistic atomic level populations in astrophysical plasmas.
Note: if you didn't get it, don't enter!

Foto gallery

Some fotos of crazy trips.
This section is in Portuguese, although nothing will stop you from entering and browsing the pictures. :-)

USA Visa

If you need a visa to enter the US, then you've better give up your crazy plans and go travel somewhere else! This is the stupid form you'll be required to fill out in order to apply for the visa (at least, if you're Brazilian).


Lyrics of songs, poems, Lieder, simphonies and other lyrics.

Edvard Münch

Some of my favorite paintings of the Norwegian painter.



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